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Hemant Wooden Packaging
Hemant Wooden Packaging

Wooden Pallets

We are a manufacturer and supplier of a superior quality wooden pallet as per ISPM 15 Specifications.

This is generally used for storage, staking, and equipment transportation of materials.

We also offer euro standard wooden pallets in that we specialize in making four-way & two-way Wooden Pallets, as per the customer's requirements.

If you are looking to export Wooden Pallets that have been treated with Heat Treatment and Fumigation Treatment. We are Government Authorized License holder, We are providing both treatment certificate and stamping.

We can customize our range such as Two-way Pallets, Four-way pallets, Euro pallets, Plywood pallets, Pinewood four-way pallets, Non-Reversible Two-way pallets, and Jungle Wood pallets Warehouse Wooden Pallets, Etc.



Types of wooden pallets

There are many types of wooden pallets, some of which include:

1. Two Way Pallets

2. Four Way Pallets (Non-Reversible & Reversible)

3. Euro Pallets

4. Pinewood Four Way Pallets

5. CP 1 to CP-9 Wooden Pallets

6. Ply Wood Pallets

7. Plastic Pallets

8. Heat Treated & Fumigated Export pallets and many more

Before delivery, we are strictly tested on various parameters to assure their quality and durability.

Types of wood using for pallets?

1.Pine wood for Pallets

2.Rubber wood for Pallets

3.Jungle wood for Pallets

4.Ply wood for PalletS

Note: Wooden pallets are countless ways to reuse old wooden pallets into beautiful furniture and other.

Such as: Coffee table, Sofa, Bed, Gardening Table etc.

Air Cargo Pallets
Air Cargo Pallet,' or a removable and interchangeable floor panel that is airworthy, can be attached to a vehicle. It can be loaded on and unloaded from aircraft for air cargo transport. Over the past six decades, many civilian versions have emerged from the thicker military "463L Master Pallet". When combined with a cargo net, an air cargo pallet becomes an aircraft 'Unit Load Device. It must be checked for integrity before being used in an aircraft. The pallet must be handled by dedicated ground equipment or vehicles that use ball mats and rollers. A forklift is not allowed, especially when it is loaded.

Pallet boxes
Pallet boxes can be pallets that have four pallet walls and possibly a lid. Pallet boxes, unlike pallets, can be stackable once fully loaded. For stability reasons, they may be fitted with lids during stacking. You can save warehouse space and increase truckload capacity by stacking pallet boxes next
to each other.
Pallet boxes also have the advantage of being safe and not easily damaged during transport and logistic movements. There are also collapsible pallet boxes that allow the pallet walls to be laid flat on the pallet. This allows for less space during empty return transportation.
Bulk boxes can be closely related. They are often large, separate boxes that are shipped on pallets.

Hemant Wooden Packaging