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Four Way Wooden Pallets

We offer to our clients highly durable Four Way Pallets which are made from finest hardwood and have the facility of getting lifted from all the four sides. Their unique designing makes them indispensable for warehouse operations where they play a important role in the handling, transportation & storage of goods. The range offered by us includes:

• Four-Way entry Non-reversible Pallets.
• Four-Way Entry Reversible Close Boarded Decks Pallets.
• Four-Way Entry Cruciform Perimeter Base Pallets.
• Four-Way Entry Reversible Winged Pallets.
• Four-Way Entry Perimeter Base Pallets



Four Way Wooden Pallets Specifications:

Products Size in mm Capacity
1 CP1 Pallet 1000*1200*138 1000 Kg
2 CP2 Pallet 800*1200*141 900 Kg
3 CP3 Pallet 1140*1140*138 1000 Kg
4 CP4 Pallet 1100*1300*138 1050 Kg
5 CP5 Pallet 760*1140*138 800 Kg
6 CP6 Pallet 1000*1200*156 1000 Kg
7 CP7 Pallet 1100*1300*156 1000 Kg
8 CP8 Pallet 1140*1140*156 1000 Kg
9 CP9 Pallet 1140*1140*156 1000 Kg
10 EURO Pallet 800*1200*144 1700 Kg
11 Plywood Pallet 1000*1200*138 1000 Kg

Benefits of Using Wooden PalletsĀ 

Wooden pallets may be a perfect choice if you are looking for a natural and environmentally friendly option for packaging and shipping. Here are four benefits of using Four Way Wooden Pallets:

    1. Four Way Wooden Pallets are durable. Unlike cardboard or plastic, wooden pallets can last many years without deteriorating.
       This is due to their natural properties, such as being moisture-resistant and heat-resistant.

     2. Four Way Wooden Pallets are versatile. They can be used for different objectives, including packaging and shipping.

     3. Four Way Wooden Pallets are sustainable. Not only do they have a low environmental impact, but they also require minimal maintenance.

     4. Four Way Wooden Pallets are affordable. Compared to other packaging options, wooden pallets are relatively cheap.

     5. This makes them a variable option for businesses of all sizes

Wooden Pallets are an important part of any business, as they can help you to store and transport a large number of goods with ease. However, if you're looking to up your wooden pallets, look no further than four-way wooden pallets.

These pallets are unique in that they can be used in four ways, making them a versatile and valuable tool. Not only that, but they're also a great way to increase your efficiency and reduce waste. So why not give them a try?

Wooden pallets are a great alternative to traditional plastic or metal pallets. They are eco-friendly, durable, and can be reused multiple times. They can also be customized to reach your specific business needs.