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Seaworthy Wooden Box Packaging

We are Manufacturing all types of Heavy Industrial Packaging Wooden Boxes, Crates & Pallets and this is suitable for all types of weather condition.

We are customizing all sizes and also providing Onsite packaging services at any places in India as per customer requirements.

We are providing various types of packaging, such as Seaworthy export packing, Heavy weight export Packing, and Airworthy export packing as under.

We are using Four types of woods i.e.
  Pine wood for boxes (Mostly preferred using product i.e. pine wood)
  Ply wood for boxes
  Rubber wood for boxes
  Jungle wood for pallets (Types of woods like Neel, Babool, Mango and etc..)



We have a various types of packing materials for safety purposes as per the customer requirements, such as:

  1. HDPE Tarpaulin (Prevent from water)
  2. Foam Packing (Prevent from outer damaged)
  3. Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing (Prevent from rust)
  4. Container Air Bag Packaging (Secure, stabilize and protect cargo in containers)
  5. Silica Gel (Control local humidity to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods)
  6. Nylon lashing belt (Safely Holding)
 7. Stretch film etc…

We are also providing wooden box with aluminum foil vacuum packing, Wooden box with VCI packing, Anti Corrosion VCI Packaging & Container lashing and choking.

We are providing two types of treatment certificates as per government norms i.e. ISPM-15 Fumigation & Heat Treatment for export purpose only.

We have a Government-Authorized license number i.e.

  1. ISPM-15 Fumigation is IN - 679 MB
  2. ISPM-15 Heat Treatment is IN - 469 HT

We make world-class wooden boxes designed to reach out to the different needs of the clients, in the best competitive prices.

It's easy to load and unload your product by using cranes, forklifts, trolleys, manually and other equipment’s.

What Is Seaworthy Wooden Box Packaging
Wooden boxes are a popular packaging material because they are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and sturdy. This article will show you how to make seaworthy wooden box packaging using only simple supplies and techniques.

The Seaworthy Wooden Box Packaging Design
There is something very special about wooden boxes. They are sturdy yet lightweight and can easily be transported from one place to another. They are perfect for packaging goods and can also be used for storage. It's easy to load and unload product by using cranes, forklifts, trolleys, manually and other equipment's.

Types of Wood for Shipping

There are many different types of wood that can be used for shipping, and each has its own advantages.

1) The most common type of wood for shipping is Pine Wood. It is strong and durable, making it a good choice for items that will be handled frequently. Additionally, Pinewoods are moisture-sensitive, so they should be protected from Heat Treatment and Fumigation Treatments are an essential process that helps to make the wood more durable and resistant to decay and pests when shipped.

2) Instead, Rubber Wood are often used for shipping products. It is less durable than Pine Wood, but they are cheaper and can be more easily. Heat Treatment and Fumigation Treatments both are required for when shipped.

3) Another type of wood that is often used for shipping is Plywood. It is a composite material made of several thin sheets of wood bonded together. However, plywood does not weather well in the outdoors, so it should be protected from Tarpaulin and other packaging materials.

The Seaworthy Wooden Box Packaging Materials
The seaworthy wooden box packaging materials are made from high-quality lumber and planks They are designed to protect the contents of your shipment from Water, Air, Dust and other elements. The materials are also resistant to warping and decay, making them a popular choice for shipping items across the ocean.

If you're looking for seaworthy wooden box packaging that will stand out from the competition, look no further than Hemant Wooden Packing Wooden box. Our boxes are made from high-quality Woods and beautiful natural finish that gives them a unique look. Not to mention, our boxes are Water Resistance and Weather Proof, so you can rest assured that your products will be protected from the elements even in the most extreme conditions.

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