Plywood Boxes

PLYWOOD BOX Plywood Packing Box find their extensive applications in shipping material for domestic and export purposes. Moreover, our offered packing boxes are acknowledged for their strong construction, light weight, resistance against water & termite and compact designs.Packaging Boxes of canisters used in defence, special case is taken for anti rust, cushioning, equal load and saddles are provided for stability.
We specialize in Packaging Boxes, and our equipment are designed, developed & processed to facilitate all kind of packing for any sort of hazardous goods packaging or non-hazards product and material. Our box qualifies all the export norms with precision.


fumigation Services

Industrial Corporation :

as per Certified Fumigation - ISPM - 15 Standard

Containers Fumigation :

  All types of Industrial fumigation services for export Containers, 40feet, 20feet, GP. Container as per ISPM-15 standard.

Fumigation for Wood : 

All types of Industrial fumigation services for export wooden Boxes, Pallets, Saddles and Crates as per ISPM-15 Standard