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Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Service

Vacuum packing is a method of packaging that removes air from the Al foil bags prior to sealing.
This method involves placing items in an Aluminum foil package and removing air from inside and sealing the package.

The intent of vacuum packing is usually to remove air from the vacuum bag to extend the shelf life of products with flexible package forms. This packaging method is used to protect product from the corrosion or the rust.

It is preferred for the seaworthy and Export shipments which takes months to reach the destination through sea where the humidity is maximum. High humidity in the atmosphere causes the rusting to the product. Vacuum packing prevents the product from oxidation by establishing the layer of thin film in between the atmosphere and product.




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In Industrial Packaging, Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing is also known as Aluminum Barrier Vacuum Packing, Aluminum Barrier Foil Packing, Aluminum Barrier Film Packing and Vacuum Barrier Film Packing, etc

Vacuum packaging prevents moisture evaporation. Vacuum packaging reduces trim losses by eliminating oxidation and freezer burn. Vacuum packaging can enhance product quality.
The chamber is filled with the product to be packaged and pressurized.

Vacuum packing is an important preservation technique that has been used for centuries. It involves sealing the product in a container using a vacuum to prevent deterioration.

What is industrial vacuum packing?

Industrial vacuum packing is a specialized method of packaging heavy machinery that uses a vacuum to enclose the product in airtight wooden pallets or boxes. The benefits of using vacuum packing include improved product quality, and increased shelf life. 

Benefits of vacuum packing

Machinery vacuum packing is an efficient and reliable method of packaging products. The process uses a machine to remove air from the packaging and seal the product. This removes potential contaminants,leading to quality problems in the final product. This can result in decreased shipping time and cost.The benefits of using machinery vacuum packing to reduce the amount of material packaged are undeniable. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using this process:

Better quality packaging - Vacuum packing machines use high-pressure air to create a seal around the product, which helps to protect it from moisture and other environmental contaminants. This leads to better quality packaging that is less likely to break during shipping or storage.

Vacuum packing can be a powerful way to protect components during storage or shipping. Using the right techniques ensures that your equipment remains in good working order and that any potential damage is minimized.

1.What is Aluminum foil Vacuum packing?
Ans. – Vacuum packing is the method of packaging in which product is covered with Vacuum Bag and create vacuum inside the bag so that there is no Air remain inside. Bag is get sealed from all sides.

2.Why Aluminum foil Vacuum packing is required?
Ans. – Vacuum packing is required to protect the product from Scratches, Rust, Water, Moisture and Dust. It prevents the inside product from outer environmental effects.

3.What is the Cost of Aluminum foil Vacuum packing?
Ans. – Vacuum packing cost is depend on the size of the vacuum bag ultimately which varies as per the product size to be packed inside the box.

4.What are the benefits of Aluminum foil Vacuum packing?
Ans. – Vacuum Packaging is beneficial for the Products which are highly sensitive with respect to its surface finish. Vacuum packing prevents the product from the Rust, Water, Scratches, Moisture and Dust. It protects the product from environmental changes like humidity, UV rays from Sun, etc. which results in increasing product life. Vacuum Packaging is preferred by the highly precious customers to improve packing standards & Quality. Aesthetically Vacuum bag packaging looks very attractive.

5.How to use the Aluminum foil Vacuum packing?
Ans. – Vacuum packing is used for the all types of Export shipments and also for domestic shipments where product is critical to its outer finish. It is used with the application of Vacuum bag covering around the product.