Pallet With Palletization

Palletization refers to the logistic process of stacking goods on top of a pallet in order to consolidate the load and make it easier to transport.

A pallet is a horizontal platform made of boards that serves as a foundation for products. It allows for forklifts or pallet jacks to pick up the entire load and transport it.
Palletization serves two purposes: to facilitate transportation and to preserve the merchandise.

From the time it is palletized to its destination, maintaining its perfect condition until its next logistics stage.

The type of pallet you choose will have a major impact on the stability of the goods.

The type of pallet you choose will also depends on:
  1.The handling equipment’s.
  2.The type of product stored.



Advantages of Pallet Palletization

1) The pallet was established as the standard unit load warehouse storage.

2) Pallets allow for faster goods loading and unloading. Because the handling     equipment can stack products, this reduces the number of movements.

3) Streamlined goods flows in the installation: Products piled on top of pallets are easily     moved about the warehouse. This ensures that every item reaches its assigned stage     when necessary.

4) Inventory control: Logistics managers can see the quantity of merchandise on each     pallet and at a glance get an idea about each product's stock levels.

5) Optimization of storage space: when we talk about pallets, one key concept is     stackability.

Pallet Palletization of Drum Cargo
Our clients receive drum pallets for the Palletization of Drums Cargo. These pallets can be used in many industrial applications. They are durable, strong, and safe. It is made of high quality raw material. Drum palletizers make it easy to move drums.

Pallet Palletization Of Bags Cargo
Our pallet palletising systems are designed for heavy repetitive lifting that is fast..
Pallet palletisers are made to stack products onto pallets to store it and for shipping. They are widely used by all kinds of businesses who wish to reduce the chance of injury to employees by repetitive manual stacking or to increase their production without increasing the cost of labor.

Pallet Palletization of Cartons Cargo
Carton palletisers can be used to remove cartons or cases from production lines and stack them on the pallet to be shipped, moved or storage. A full load can be stacked into various options, including columns-stacked.